How Exactly Are Dental Bridges Placed?

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When people have one or more missing teeth in a row, they can be replaced with a dental bridge in Chaska, MN. A dental bridge is composed of tooth crowns and pontics. The tooth crowns go on either side of the gap of missing teeth, and the pontics are made to act like natural teeth. When people go to a skilled and trusted dental office, they can get their dental bridges expertly placed.

Want to learn how exactly dental bridges are expertly placed? Continue reading to learn how exactly dental bridges are expertly placed.

The Way Dental Bridges In Chaska, MN Are Placed

The process of placing a dental bridge is carried out in multiple steps. First the tooth crowns, which will go on either side of the gap of missing teeth, are prepared. The teeth on either side of the gap of missing teeth will be reshaped to allow room for the tooth crowns to be placed over them. This step is crucial, as it ensures that the dental bridge aligns properly with the patient’s existing bite and looks natural.

Next, impressions of the patient’s teeth are made, which serve as a model from which the dental bridge will be made from in a dental lab. Once the custom-made dental bridge is ready, it is adjusted as needed so it can properly fit in the patient’s mouth. This step might require multiple visits to ensure the dental bridge is perfectly aligned and the bite is comfortable.

It’s during these follow-up visits that any necessary adjustments can be made before the dental bridge is finally cemented into place. The cementation process is the last step. Before cementing, it is insured that the dental bridge fits comfortably without any undue pressure or discomfort in the patient’s mouth. Once the dental bridge is in place, it will restore the patient’s smile and ability to properly chew and speak.

It also re-distributes the patient’s bite properly so that their remaining teeth are prevented from moving out of position. Regular dental check-ups following the dental bridge placement procedure are essential to maintain them, and to assess the health of the patients surrounding natural teeth and gums. With proper care, dental bridges can last many years, significantly improving the patient’s oral health and quality of life.

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