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“I Suffered From Gum Disease For Years So It Was Time For A Change, An All-On-X Solved My Problems.” – Michelle

Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s Story

A Solution Built for the Long-Term

If you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, it’s nearly impossible to remember the days when you had a complete, healthy smile. Or imagine what life could be like if you could have a smile like that again. You don’t have to imagine—your smile can be fully restored to full health, beauty, and function with full mouth dental implants in Chaska, MN! This full arch solution is built for the long-term so you can put the pain and embarrassment of missing teeth permanently in the past.

Our team at Relaxation Dentistry is experienced in replacing teeth with full mouth dental implants using innovative technologies and protocols to ensure a predictably successful treatment and outstanding results. Our founding dentist, Dr. Jenny Ruoho, has mastered the five rigorous training levels in dental implant surgery from the prestigious Misch International Implant Center and has the training to treat patients with complex medical histories. As a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, she has consistently proven her dedication to implant dentistry and superior patient care, while remaining up to date on the latest technology, techniques, and materials in the field. She and her experienced team provide comprehensive full mouth dental implant treatments conveniently in their office to offer you an efficient, cost-effective, and predictable transition into a new smile and restored quality of life!

The Attractive, Secure Choice

If you currently wear dentures or are considering them, you’re probably aware that they come with certain limitations. While we offer dentures, they’re not generally considered a long-term solution to full mouth tooth loss. Removable dentures require adhesives and can even accelerate jawbone loss, leading to an ill-fitting and uncomfortable experience later on. For added support, some of our patients turn to implant supported dentures, which are secured to your jawbone with dental implants.

However, no solution provides the long-term security, function, and natural beauty of full mouth dental implants. Permanently fixed to your bone with four or more dental implants, this solution provides an over 99% return to normal biting and chewing power with a full set of teeth indistinguishable from the real thing. It’ll be like you’d never lost your teeth in the first place! We invite you to read more about what to expect with our full mouth treatment process highlighted below.

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  • Implant Supported Dentures
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A Smile Is Unique, So Are Our Full Mouth Dental Implant Options!

A Restored Smile in Three Phases

Phase 1: Consultation, Evaluation, and Planning
Your first step to a restored smile is with a personalized consultation with our team. We’ll discuss your goals and expectations for full mouth treatment, as well as answer any of your questions about the process and cost. If you choose to pursue this treatment, we’ll provide a comprehensive evaluation, gather your dental and medical records, and complete CBCT imaging to assess the health and density of your jawbone. These high-resolution 3D images provide an incredibly accurate foundation for planning your dental implant surgery and creating the custom surgical guide. Personalized to you, these protocols ensure that we place your dental implants at the most precise location and depth in your jawbone to permanently support a full arch of new teeth. Leveraging sophisticated fully guided technology, we can even perform a virtual surgery prior to your appointment to remove nearly all room for error during your actual procedure.
Phase 2: Guided Implant Placement
We complete your placement surgery in the comfort of our own office where you have access to sedation dentistry if needed. We provide nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV sedation, which is administered and monitored by a certified nurse anesthetist. Once you’re resting comfortably, we can complete any preliminary procedures like tooth extractions or bone grafting using bone morphogenetic proteins to aid in regeneration and healing. While some patients require a recovery phase between these procedures and their implant surgery, many can receive all necessary surgical treatments during a single appointment. Next, with the use of pre-planned fully guided technology, 4 to 8 implants are precisely placed through the guide for the most ideal spacing, angles and depths of implant placement. In most cases, we can also place a long-term acrylic temporary implant bridge so you can immediately enjoy teeth that don’t come out.
Phase 3: Healing and Final Smile Restoration
You’ll need to heal for 4-6 months after dental implant surgery to ensure that the bone and implants have fully integrated and can support a permanent set of teeth. Once this phase is complete, you’ll return to have final impressions taken, followed by 1-2 try in appointments before we deliver a durable and life-like permanent zirconia or nano-ceramic implant bridge personalized to the size and shape of your mouth for a natural appearance. Once it is secured to your dental implants, you can go and enjoy a life filled with your favorite foods, socializing with others, great oral and overall health, and confidence in your new smile!

Long term care and maintenance of Full Mouth Dental Implants:

Many dental implant centers do not offer ideal follow up care or maintenance for single, multiple, or full mouth dental implants. Implants need regular care and maintenance to prevent gum disease from developing around the implants and subsequent implant loss/failure. At Relaxation Dentistry we offer one of the safest, most advanced therapies for keeping your gums and implants healthy. This therapy is called Guided Biofilm Therapy using The Airflow Prophylaxis Master. The Airflow provides a combination of warm water spray and a fine, therapeutic erythritol powder to “power wash” under and around implant crowns, bridges and the gumline. This method of cleaning is great for natural teeth too and is extremely effective at safely removing biofilm and stains without damaging tooth enamel, dental implants, or implant restorations.
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A Complete Smile Is within Reach

We’ve seen first-hand how full mouth dental implants can transform our patient’s health, function, and quality of life. To ensure that you can receive this life-changing solution as well, we make it easier for you to afford your treatment by partnering with third-party financing companies, including CareCredit® and Proceed Finance. Once qualified, you can personalize loan terms and repayment rates to fit within your budget. To further help you afford treatment, we accept many dental insurance plans and will help maximize any benefits you may have. We’re dedicated to helping you restore your smile and regain a comfortable, confident life with full mouth dental implants and will do all we can to ensure you experience these amazing benefits for years to come!

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