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If you are struggling with snoring or sleep apnea, a dental appliance may help reduce your symptoms. If you would like to find out whether you are a candidate for an oral appliance, please request a complimentary consultation. Many people suffer from snoring or require obstructive sleep treatment. The consequences of these disorders include the following:
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Disrupted sleep for the snorer and the snorer’s sleeping partner
  • Daytime sleepiness and fatigue
  • Moodiness/irritability

If you are seeking treatment for snoring, you should be evaluated by your medical doctor prior to treatment if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Wake unrefreshed in the morning
  • Fall asleep during the day at inappropriate times
  • Periodically stop snoring or breathing during sleep, as observed by sleeping partner

If you have any of these symptoms you may have a more serious medical problem than snoring called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). If OSA is suspected, additional testing of your sleep may be necessary.

WatchPAT™ ONE: Sleep Tests in the Comfort
of Your Home

Our dentists also partner with The Breathe Institute to administer an at-home Sleep Study for patients called the WatchPAT ONE. This FDA-approved portable system is worn on the wrist like a watch, with a tracking device worn over the index finger that calculates sleep stages and sleep/wake states through the night. Throughout the time a patient is sleeping, this single-use device will track and record heart rates, snoring levels, sleep position, and movement in a mobile app that stores data in the Cloud where it can be easily accessed and evaluated by a sleep doctor. The WatchPAT ONE, with its ease of use and minimal invasiveness, has a failure rate of less than 1% and can provide accurate, almost instantaneous results so patients can begin receiving personalized treatment as soon as possible.

How Can An Oral Appliance Help Reduce Snoring Or Sleep Apnea?

At Relaxation Dentistry, we can custom make an oral appliance for you to minimize or eliminate snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. In cases of CPAP intolerance or if you’re looking for an alternative, we provide a SomnoDent oral appliance, TAP® appliance, or the Silent Nite® sleep appliance from Glidewell. These comfortable and minimally invasive devices slightly advance the lower jaw or tongue, moving the base of the tongue and tissues forward to keep the airway open during sleep. This improves breathing and reduces snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Ruoho can help you determine which device is best for your situation at your consultation.

We can also assist you if you’d prefer to use a CPAP machine. Through our partnership with The Breathe Institute, we can deliver CPAP machines at our office. We offer the Phillips Respironics Dream Station, an auto CPAP machine with real-time monitoring and automated pressure adjustments to provide optimal airway support while you sleep. With a manageable size and user-friendly design, our sleep apnea patients find this machine provides the comfort and function needed to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Aveo TSD: Simple, Gentle Suction Tongue Advancement Appliance

For patients who have jaw problems (TMJ disorder) or may not be able to tolerate an oral appliance that advances the lower jaw, a simple gentle-suction tongue advancement appliance may be the solution for you. The Aveo TSD is available at Relaxation Dentistry for $300. 

  • Primary snoring
  • Mild obstructive sleep treatment
  • Moderate obstructive sleep apnea patients who prefer an oral appliance to CPAP
  • Severe obstructive sleep apnea patients who cannot tolerate a CPAP
  • For use in combination with nasal CPAP
  • When it’s not possible to use CPAP (when traveling)

Are the appliances covered by insurance?

Since insurance plans vary widely we work with all our patients to help them obtain reimbursement from their insurance carrier to the maximum allowed by their plan. Most insurance companies have coverage for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea with an oral appliance. Insurance companies generally do not cover treatment for snoring only. If coverage is available for oral appliances, it would come from the medical insurance carrier. Most dental insurance companies do not cover treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. We encourage you to call and check with your medical insurance company. We will be happy to send information to your insurance company regarding your situation to request a pre-determination of benefits.

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