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A Reliable Replacement for Missing Teeth

“Dr. Ruoho’s Great Approach Allowed Me The Comfort To Get My Dental Implant.” – Steve

Steve’s Story

Steve’s Story

More Than an Attractive Smile

Your first concern for replacing one or more missing teeth is most likely to restore the unsightly gaps in your smile. But tooth loss results in more than simply losing your smile aesthetics. Without teeth, your bone can deteriorate, increasing the risk of your bite changing and even starting a domino effect of losing more teeth. This is why replacing your missing teeth with partial dentures or dental bridges isn’t a beneficial long-term option. These solutions, while restoring how your smile looks, don’t address the bone loss from missing teeth. If you’re looking for more than an attractive smile—a complete and permanent return to health, function, and beauty—then dental implants are your best choice!

Our team at Relaxation Dentistry offers comprehensive care, both placing and restoring dental implants in Chaska, MN for patients with single and multiple missing teeth. Led by Dr. Jenny Ruoho, our founding dentist, your treatment will be tailored to your oral health situation, functional needs, and smile goals.

 Dr. Ruoho herself has undergone the five surgical levels of advanced training in dental implants at the world-renowned Misch International Implant Institute and has achieved Fellowship status with the prestigious International Congress of Oral Implantologists. She has also completed specialized training in functional occlusion from The Dawson Academy and has residency experience treating patients with complex medical histories. Dr. Ruoho has achieved this outstanding level of credibility and experience to provide the most innovative, predictable, and long-lasting treatments for her patients. She and our team will determine the best tooth replacement options for your unique needs so you can enjoy a comfortable and confident life once again.

Predictable Dental Implant Placement with Guided Surgery Technology

Comparing Your Options

You have the choice between a partial denture, dental bridge, or dental implants to replace your missing teeth. While all options can successfully restore the cosmetic appearance of your smile, only dental implants and dental implant bridges can replace lost function and improve your oral health. We encourage you to read about each option, then schedule a consultation with us to learn more.

FUNCTIONFully removableFixed to natural teethFirmly bonded to jawbone
HEALTHCan advance bone lossAbutment teeth can decayPromote bone health
AESTHETICSMay look unnaturalDesigned to look realLook and feel natural
LONGEVITY5-7 years5-15 years20+ years

Three Phases to a Complete Smile

Phase 1: Consultation, Evaluation, and Planning
Your first phase of treatment consists of a personalized consultation with our team, where we’ll discuss goals and expectations for treatment. If you choose to pursue treatment with dental implants, you’ll then receive a comprehensive evaluation where Dr. Ruoho will access the health of your mouth, including symptoms of gum disease, teeth grinding and clenching, and other conditions that may affect the long-term success of treatment. Then, using cone beam CT technology, we capture 3D panoramic images of your bone, existing teeth, and location of sinuses and nerves. We use these images to pinpoint the exact location and depth to place your dental implants. We also use these images when designing the surgical guide and your restoration, which are both printed in-house using our sophisticated CEREC milling technology. Once your personalized treatment plan is complete, we’ll schedule your dental implant surgery.
Phase 2: Guided Dental Implant Surgery
Dental implant surgery is a routine procedure at our office, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take every surgery seriously. We’ll first make you feel comfortable in our relaxing surgical suite, where you’ll have access to our many comfort amenities Our team is also trained and certified to offer sedation , including nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation. We’re one of the few practices in the Twin Cities area to offer IV sedation and do so at the highest safety standards by bringing in a certified nurse anesthetist to administer treatment and monitor you during surgery. Once you are comfortable, we place your dental implants using the custom surgical guide and if they have adequate primary stability, we’ll attach a temporary crown or bridge. In certain cases, we can extract teeth and place a dental implant during the same surgical appointment. However, our goal is to provide the greatest functional and health benefits, and the most successful treatment. Depending on your situation, your surgical phase may include multiple steps involving tooth extractions and bone grafting.
Phase 3: Healing and Final Crown or Bridge
You’ll require a healing phase after your surgery that generally lasts four or more months. During this time your jawbone is integrating with the dental implant post for long-term stability, strength, and 99% restored function. When healing is complete, you’ll return to our practice for final digital impressions so our partner dental lab can design and fabricate your new dental crown or dental bridge. These high-end restorations are made from materials that mimic the strength and appearance of real teeth. When your final restoration is ready, we’ll ensure it fits properly inside your mouth and when you bite to ensure you have proper occlusion and lasting function. Finally, we’ll secure this restoration to your dental implants. Your smile is now complete and fully restored to proper health, function, and beauty!

We Make Dental Implants Affordable

To ensure you can afford dental implants treatment and your new smile, we accept many forms of payment, dental insurances, and provide third-party financing through CareCredit® and Proceed Finance. We encourage you to read about our insurance and financing options, then schedule an appointment with our insurance coordinator to learn more about your options. Dental implants won’t be the cheapest way to replace your missing teeth initially but they do have the potential to provide permanent improvements in your oral health, function, and overall smile aesthetics for years to come. It is possible to afford this quality of life with dental implants—and we can help.

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