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Zoom Whitening is a professional teeth whitening procedure that uses a hydrogen peroxide gel and a special light to whiten and brighten teeth. The procedure typically takes about an hour and can result in teeth that are several shades whiter. It is considered a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of discolored or stained teeth. It is typically performed by a dental professional and can be done in a dental office or in some cases, at home with a take-home kit provided by the dentist.

  • Proper whitening tray design
  • Refrigeration of whitening bleach
  • Virtual elimination of whitening sensitivity
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When to Whiten: The Napkin Test

Stained or discolored teeth can ruin anyone’s self-confidence and can make even the sweetest smile seem unappealing. Sometimes, we may not notice that our teeth are beginning to stain until months or years of living with a discolored smile. A good way to check if you may benefit from teeth whitening is a quick and simple test: the napkin test. Simply hold a white napkin up to your teeth: if the color of your teeth is significantly yellower or more brown than the napkin, you may need teeth whitening. If this is the case, our dental professionals at Relaxation Dentistry are here to help your answer to whiter and brighter teeth.

Zoom Whitening System: Real Results for a Brighter Smile

If you struggle with discolored teeth and have tried other teeth whitening products and procedures with mixed success, then the Zoom Whitening system here at Relaxation Dentistry is the perfect solution for you. Zoom Whitening is a cutting-edge tray-based system that can remove years of staining in a single session. Plus, it’s designed to minimize the uncomfortable tooth sensitivity that often comes with other teeth whitening systems. 

Procedure: Whitening and Bridges. This Patient was missing four teeth (upper laterals and two lower centrals). Missing teeth were replaced with three strong and esthetic all-porcelain bridges.

Proper Whitening Tray Design

This is an essential component for achieving whitening results fast and effectively. The trays must have a seal just below the gum line to prevent leakage of saliva into the trays (which dilutes the bleach) and to prevent leakage of bleach out of the trays. Other systems’ leaking trays may significantly decrease the effectiveness and even prevent you from being able to whiten at all. If you’ve had whitening trays made by a dentist, examine them while they are in your mouth. Does any part of the tray (on the front side of the teeth) cover the gums? If so, the seal is compromised. At Relaxation Dentistry, our dental professionals take great care to ensure that the trays are properly made so that the seal is not compromised. This ensures faster, more profound, and longer-lasting whitening results.

Whiten Your Teeth At Relaxation Dentistry​

Here at Relaxation Dentistry, we are passionate about proper teeth whitening. That’s why our dental professionals use only the safest, most proven methods on our patients. We’ve tested several teeth whitening products and procedures over the years and have found none better than the Zoom Whitening system. Comfortable, affordable, and highly effective, this state-of-the-art teeth whitening system will give you the pearly white smile you’ve always wanted. But don’t take our word for it — see the hundreds of successful patient whitening photos for yourself. When you’re ready to start teeth whitening, contact our Chaska, MN office today, or learn more about our team!

Refrigeration of the Bleach

All professional whitening systems contain some form of hydrogen peroxide in various strengths. Unfortunately, hydrogen peroxide is a very unstable molecule that quickly degrades to water when it is not refrigerated. To ensure you receive the most powerful bleach possible, Zoom whitening gel is refrigerated from the time it is manufactured until the time you start using it at home. This is not the case with other systems.​

Minimizing/ Eliminating Sensitivity

Experiencing tooth sensitivity during your whitening process can be frustrating, especially for those who are motivated to whiten their teeth, but are limited by sensitivity issues. There are two things we have discovered to greatly reduce the experience of tooth sensitivity. First, we encourage our patients to use a toothpaste called Clinpro for two weeks prior to; and while they are whitening. Second, we ensure that whitening tray has been properly made so that the tray does not cover the gums. This ensures the bleach does not get trapped on the root surfaces of the teeth increasing sensitivity and gum irritation.

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