Laser Periodontics - CHASKA, MN

Anxiety-Free, Gentle Laser Dentistry

Minimally Invasive Care without Scalpels

Are you nervous about undergoing soft tissue treatments because you’re concerned about incision-based procedures with scalpels? We have good news! Our highly experienced dentist Drs. Jenny Ruoho is trained and skilled in laser dentistry in Chaska, MN, and provide scalpel-free and anxiety-free services right in our office.

Our advanced laser dentistry services, including frenectomy, gingivectomy, and gum disease therapies, are incredibly comfortable procedures that are so gentle, they often don’t require the use of local anesthetic. Better yet, due to the precision of our laser therapy, treatment is fast and efficient, getting you back to optimal health and function faster than with traditional scalpel-based treatment.

How Laser Dentistry Benefits You

More than providing comfortable and efficient treatments, our laser dentistry procedures have health and functional benefits as well, including:

  • Cauterization of the site for improved healing
  • More precise soft tissue contouring
  • Minimal bleeding, swelling, and pain
  • Preservation of healthy tissues and bone
  • Reduced risk for post-procedural infection

Our Select Laser Dentistry Treatments

For both infants and adults, laser frenectomy is a seconds-long procedure resulting in long-lasting functional improvements. For infants, this includes the ability to latch and nurse. For adults, this procedure is generally part of a comprehensive treatment process also involving myofunctional therapy to improve speech, breathing, eating, and swallowing. Treatment can also improve symptoms associated with sleep apnea, mouth breathing, snoring, and problems like neck pain and TMJ disorder.
A laser gingivectomy uses the power of the dental laser to vaporize tissue that has become infected by bacterial plaque and pulled away from the teeth. This procedure is completed when gum disease has progressed enough to cause deep pockets between the gums and teeth to form but hasn’t yet harmed the bone. The dental laser cauterizes the treatment areas, helping to accelerate soft tissue healing and reattachment around the bone and teeth.
Gum Disease Therapy
For more advanced cases of periodontal disease, the powerful laser light of the dental laser is used to eradicate the infected tissue and bacteria from the deep pockets between the teeth. After the surfaces of the teeth are cleared of calculus buildup, the pockets are cauterized to aid in rapid healing and reattachment of the gum tissue to the bone and teeth. Unlike traditional osseous surgery, laser gum disease therapy minimizes bleeding, swelling, and the risk of infection after treatment.

Don’t neglect your gum tissue health.

Receive gentle, scalpel-free treatment today.