Thank You, Joe!

Joe M. has been a loyal patient of mine for many years. He has followed me from where I practiced in Woodbury, Saint Paul, and then Chaska over the past 15 years. As Veteran’s Day approached, I reflected on Joe’s loyalty not only as a patient but as a dedicated service member. I asked if […]

What is Oil Pulling?

The history of oil pulling dates back over 3000 years. Before modern medicine, elders in India developed Ayurveda, a form of mind-body health system. The basic tenet of Ayurveda is that when balanced, your body has amazing powers to heal itself. One of the practices of Ayurveda is oil pulling. Oil pulling is swishing and […]

Should Your Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth (3rd molars) do not have to be removed unless you are at risk for future pain and problems. You may be at increased risk for pain, cavities, and gum problems due to the teeth being poorly positioned. In most cases, the dentists at Relaxation Dentistry begin to monitor wisdom teeth around age 16 […]