Are You Tongue Tied? It could be causing more problems than you think…

Read this excerpt from “Tongue Tied” by Richard Baxter, DMD about his own experience being tongue-tied

Nasal Breathing vs. Mouth Breathing…is there a difference?

Nasal breathing vs. Mouth Breathing…is there a difference?

Is Your Child Tongue Tied?

If your child has (or has had) some of the following symptoms, he/she may be tongue tied. We are happy examine your child and provide you with treatment recommendations and resources.

Gasp Book Review by Dr. Jenny Ruoho

I recently read a book called Gaspby Dr. Michael Gelb and Dr. Howard Hindin that was published in 2016. There is an increasing focus on airway and breathing by dental professionals because the number of patients with snoring and sleep apnea is on the rise. According to Gasp, “improper breathing and sleep patterns adversely affect health, mood, energy, focus and function, and if untreated will ultimately lead to multiple systemic disorders.”

How to See 8 Heart Attack Signs in Dental Patients

While at a recent retreat, Dr. Miller-Rinaldi gained valuable insight and first-hand education from top experts on the signs of cardiac health issues as they relate to your dental health. Is there a connection? Learn more on the blog.

An Egg-cellent Experiment

For Children’s Dental Health Month, we conducted a 14-day “egg experiment” at Relaxation Dentistry. Typically I would conduct the experiment in a grade school classroom so children can see how various beverages affect their teeth enamel. In this experiment, the egg shell represents tooth enamel.

What’s in your Toothpaste: Part 2

If I’m not swallowing toothpaste, do the ingredients really matter?

You may be wondering why avoiding toxic toothpaste ingredients is so important when toothpaste isn’t in your mouth for very long, and even when it is, you certainly don’t swallow it.

Dr. Ruoho’s 2018 Book List

For National Read a Book Day, I’d like to share my Audible audiobook list from 2018 with you. For many years, I missed having time to read until I discovered Audible in 2016. So far in 2018, I’ve listened to fifteen Audible books and read two actual books.  I find time by listening in the […]