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Crowns, Bridges and Veneers in One Appointment

Would you like to transform your smile in as few as one or two appointments? That's exactly what our patient, Jim and many of our other patients have done. After completing his at-home KOR whitening, we replaced the bridge on his three upper right front teeth with a Cerec bridge and placed three Cerec veneers on his upper left front teeth. Dr. Ruoho was able to achieve a highly esthetic result using a strong porcelain material called emax and his dental work only took two appointments. Single crown or veneer restorations can be completed in one 60 or 90 minute appointment, while multiple anterior restorations require at least two appointments.

For single restorations, no impressions are necessary. Instead, the dentist uses a 3D camera to take pictures of your teeth and then creates a virtual computerized model to create a crown, bridge or veneer. This video offers a close look at how dentists use the revolutionary CAD/CAM (Cerec) system to make strong and beautiful ceramic restorations.

Before & After Crown/Veneer Photo Before & After Bridge/Veneer Photo Before & After Bridge/Veneer Photo 1 Before & After Whitening & Veneers Photo 1

Before & After Whitening & Veneers Photo Before & After Porcelain Crowns & Veneer Photo

Before & After Crown & Veneers Photo 1

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