Cosmetic Dentistry

Relaxation Dentistry features a variety of cosmetic dentistry options including:


* Complimentary Smile Design Consultation.

Learn more about how our cosmetic dentistry options can help you achieve a smile free of gaps, discolorations, crowding, rotations, uneven, or chipped teeth and how laser dentistry can help to optimize the contours of your gumline.


Have you ever tried to whiten your teeth using over-the-counter whitening products like strips or trays? Or, have you tried a dental office product? Was the system easy to use, comfortable and…did you get the whitening results you wanted?

At Relaxation Dentistry we have tried several whitening systems over the years with lackluster results until we discovered KOR Whitening.

The success of the system hinges on three important things other systems don't have:

  1. Proper whitening tray design
  2. Refrigeration of the bleach
  3. Minimizing/eliminating whitening sensitivity.

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Before & After Teeth Whitening Chaska, MN

Proper Whitening Tray Design

Teeth Whitening Tray Design

This is an essential component for achieving whitening results fast and effectively. The trays must have a seal just below the gumline to prevent leakage of saliva into the trays (which dilutes the bleach) and to prevent leakage of bleach out of the trays. Other systems' leaking trays may significantly decrease the effectiveness and even prevent you from being able to whiten at all. If you've had whitening trays made by a dentist, examine them while they are in your mouth. Does any part of the tray (on the front side of the teeth) cover the gums? If so, the seal is compromised. At Relaxation Dentistry, great care is taken to ensure that the trays are properly made so that the seal is not compromised. This ensures faster, more profound, and longer-lasting whitening results.

Refrigeration of the Bleach

All professional whitening systems contain some form of hydrogen peroxide in various strengths. Unfortunately, hydrogen peroxide is a very unstable molecule that quickly degrades to water when it is not refrigerated. To ensure you receive the most powerful bleach possible, KOR whitening gel is refrigerated from the time it is manufactured until the time you start using it at home. This is not the case with other systems.

Minimizing/Eliminating Sensitivity

Experiencing tooth sensitivity during your whitening process can be frustrating, especially for those who are motivated to whiten their teeth but are limited by sensitivity issues. There are two things we have discovered to greatly reduce the experience of tooth sensitivity. First, we encourage our patients to use a toothpaste called Clinpro for two weeks prior to, and while they are whitening. Second, we ensure that whitening tray has been properly made so that the tray does not cover the gums. This ensures the bleach does not get trapped on the root surfaces of the teeth increasing sensitivity and gum irritation.

Clinpro Toothpaste

If you'd like to watch a video with a detailed explanation of why KOR whitening is such an effective bleaching system , follow these links:

Whitening Demo Part I

Whitening Demo Part II

Before & After Bonding Treatment Chaska, MN

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Bonding can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile and typically only requires one visit. Bonding is the use of white filling material that matches the color of your teeth to reshape, close spaces, fix misaligned teeth and even out chipped or worn teeth.


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Porcelain veneers are used for dramatic smile make-overs to change the size, shape, position, and color of the teeth in just 2-3 dental visits. A veneer is a thin layer of high-strength, esthetic porcelain that is bonded to the front surface of a tooth. The translucency of porcelain resembles the beauty of natural teeth so the esthetic results of dental veneers are stunning.

*All porcelain crowns:

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Porcelain crowns can be used in dramatic smile make-overs much the same way that veneers are used. Unlike veneers, crowns cover the entire tooth rather than just the front of the tooth. Crowns are used to restore the strength to the tooth rather than just enhance the appearance of the tooth esthetically. Some smile make-overs require the use of both porcelain veneers and crowns.

Before & After Porcelain Bridges Chaska, MN*All porcelain bridges :

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Porcelains today are very strong and can be used to replace missing front (or back) teeth with stunningly natural results.

Before & After Cosmetic Recontouring Chaska, MN

*Cosmetic Recontouring:

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Gentle reshaping corrects crooked, chipped, cracked or overlapping teeth. Recontouring can also be done to quickly and painlessly adjust the length, shape, or position of the teeth. A little reshaping can often have a huge impact on improving overall smile esthetics.

Before & After Laser Gingival Recontouring Chaska, MN

*Laser Gingival (gum) recontouring:

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A quick and easy alternative to surgical gum recontouring. Laser gum reshaping can be done using a focused beam of light energy to gently reduce the appearance of a gummy smile€ or even-out the gumline for maximum esthetics. Healing time is minimal (generally 1-3 days) and painless when compared to surgical recontouring.

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